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Latest NEWS: January 2019
Lothar Drechsel, Manuel Steinbrink and Michael Poos have left the Band.
New Keyboardist, Drummer and Bassplayer wanted.

January 2016
The band's new line up is as follows:
Hans-Jürgen Klein - Guitars, lead vocals
Manuel Steinbrink - Keyboards, vocals
Michael Poos - Keyboards, vocals
Lothar Drechsel - Bass
Still SOD is looking for a accomplished drummer player.

September 2015
Vahid Moradi said good bye in August.
New Drummer and Bassplayer are wanted now.  

June 2015
The band's new line up is as follows:
Hans-Jürgen Klein - Guitars, lead vocals
Manuel Steinbrink - Keyboards, vocals
Michael Poos - Keyboards, vocals
Vahid Moradi - Electric & acoustic drums
Still SOD is looking for a bass player.

April 2015
Currently the band is rehearsing with two keyboardists
and a drummer.
A new bassplayer is still wanted.

December 2014
Cyrill Stoletzky has left the band again, already.
Unfortunately the last line up didn't work at all.
Thus it's time for a complete new start.
Shades of Dawn is looking for
(two) keyboardists
a bassplayer
and a drummer now.

November 2013
Keyboardist Bernhard Marx has left the band.
Cyrill Stoletzky has returned to the band.
Cyrill has played the 2nd keyboards from 1995 to 2005.
He is featured on "The Dawn of Time" and "Graffity's Rainbow" CD's.

July 2013

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September 2012 
Successful comeback:  

The first show after almost 2 years 
- with two new musicians -
in Cologne/ Germany, was highly acclaimed. 
Please visit the new bandforum: 

Feel free to post in english.

June 2012

Please visit the new bandforum:
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July 2011
Due to still ongoing search for new musicians
SOD is forced to cancel their appearance on
Leverkusen Streetlife Festival on August, 7.

June 2011
Regretably Chris Struwe lost his life on
Monday, June 6-2011 of lung cancer. !
The funeral will take place on
Tuesday, June 14 2011 in Düsseldorf.

May 2011

Drummer and Bassplayer wanted!!!
Due to the seriousness of Chris Struwe’s desease,
the band regretably is forced to
replace him on the drums.
Despite of great critics on the new CD at all,
Bassplayer Klaus Lohr has decided
to leave SOD again. 

March 2011

Graffity’s Rainbow is out now and 
available at Musea in France.

The good news is that Bernhard is well again, 
the bad news is that Chris is in hospital now.

January 2011

The new CD “Graffity’s Rainbow’s order no. is
 MUSEA FGBG 4866 and shall be released in January.
The band has been booked for Leverkusen
based “Streetlife” festival in August.
Also, it is possible that another 
Cologne Creative Rock Festival – 
feat. SOD – will be planned.

November 2010

Regretably Shades of Dawn are unable to perform on
1. Cologne Creative Rock Festival (1. Kölner Kreativ Rock Festival) due to
Bernhard’s still lasting illness. The band is very unhappy with the situation.
The festival will take place, however. 
The Leverkusen show must be cancelled due to Bernhard’s illness, unfortunately.

It’s planned to do this concert later on. 

October 2010
The long expected CD "Graffity's Rainbow"
will appear on MUSEA records now.
SOD will play on Dec, 10th 
on "1.Kölner Kreativ Rock Festival"
in Cologne.

April 2010

Not only caused by airplay on a local radio station 
but also by some promo activities  
the show in March was pretty successful. 
The band now is looking forward  
to playing in Dusseldorf again. 
The new album “Graffity’s Rainbow”  
has been mixed now. 
It shall be mastered next.

Febrary 2010

Next show will take place on 
March, 20th 2010 in Leverkusen, GERMANY.
Support: Five Live

As before in Frankfurt the GS Lasershow will appear again. 

Bassplayer Klaus Lohr has returned
 to the band in the meantime.

January 2010

Shades of Dawn will play in Frankfurt, GERMANY
on Friday, February 5th 2010.

This will be a Double Feature together
with Klaus’ Hess Mother Jane.

Mixing for the new album is still in process. 

May 2009

The show in Troisdorf caused enthusiastic audience reactions. 
Audience and venue owner were more than happy.

September 2008

Shades of Dawn will perform in 
Siegburg, Germany on Friday, Oct-14.
 The band’s performance on Wuppertal Kraut Rock
Festival was a huge success. Fans requested more
encores as possible. Many people considered SOD
 as the most interesting act of this day.

July 2008

New show in Duisburg:

Shades of Dawn will play on Friday, Oct 24 at Cafe Steinbruch
in Duisburg, Germany - together with "The Path of Genesis"

February 2008

Shades of Dawn live in Bonn, Germany
at "Mausefalle" on Sat- August 23rd 2008

CD "From Dusk till Dawn" available at MUSEA records again

Ask for sources of supply at
check out the sources of supply portion here under “audio”
or ask your common dealer. Order number : Musea FGBG 4692
MUSEA is responsible for the worldwide distribution. In France
it will be sold to chain stores like FNAC, HYPER
supermarkets and independant record shops by their own
representatives (total + 200 shops).
This distribution also includes the main online sites such as
AMAZON.COM or FNAC DIRECT and lots of independant on-line stores : 
Gemm,, Alibris, Musicstack, Netsounds, Alapage, PriceMinister, CD & LP etc.

Click here to read more about this CD.

Click here to order.

Click here to read reviews

January 2008

Shades of Dawn will perform on the 
1st Krautrock Open Air Festival
in Wuppertal, GERMANY 
together with legendary Kraut acts 
Jane and Birth Control. 

Details here 

August 2007:

From Dusk till Dawn is „CD of the month“ in Krautrock World:

Warm-ups and improvisations: 

Still you'll find our "Space Dance" out of our old
sessions featuring bassplayer Theo Labs for
free download here: Download ( 12 MB )

The band is planning to offer more of such 
improvisations on CD-R if there is any interest.


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